rising up, you float outside yourself

The clouds are // following each other // Into Eternity

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Costume DesignThe Fifth Element (1997)

by Jean Paul Gaultier

st. vincent & nirvana

umm.. dead.

Non Photo-Blue
Summer in Abaddon

just getting pumped up for the show in a few weeks (!!!!)

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'Seeking Aether' (experimental garment collection): InAisce FW 13/14 Men's Collection featuring South Sudanese refugee and former child soldier turned actor and model Ger Duany  - video link

damn, that coat in the 2nd one! but really the whole thing. shiiiiit.

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i was obsessed with center stage when i was like 13. i wanted to be a dancer but i was too lazy so watched a lot of dance movies instead


first of all, this movie is awesome. secondly, i love me some jamiroquai. 



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Black Radio (Feat. Yasiin Bey)
Robert Glasper/yasiin bey
Black Radio

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robert glasper experiment feat. yasiin bey // black radio


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"You’re not protecting the people and you’re not protecting property, so why are you there?" 

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Art by art418

the only thing worse than hearing your voice, is not hearing it at all.

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"But you are a woman who stage dives…" [x]

"um, an untenable inner chasm"

do u think she wears the sunglasses during interviews to hide all the eye rolling she does at these type of dumbass comments

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LADY OF THE WOODS. session one… more to come. mike moses www.thedrowntown.com