rising up, you float outside yourself

The clouds are // following each other // Into Eternity

i don’t really understand

when people say things like, “oh man, i wish i was a teenager in 60s. there was so much amazing music.” it’s not that this statement is untrue, far from it, it’s just that there is way more fucking amazing music happening right now! the number of artists/bands out there, with music that is readily available to all of us, is completely staggering.

i can definitely understand the desire to see, say, led zeppelin in 1970 (like my father did), but honestly, i would trade that for the ability to see so many more shows of varying style & scale in the present.

that’s all. i felt like i had to get that out there. i just want people to be appreciative of what we have right in front of us. now go listen to all the music i’ve posted & like the shit out of it.

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