rising up, you float outside yourself

The clouds are // following each other // Into Eternity

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(Nice Dream)
The Bends

listening to the bends for the first time in a while. felt this one.

St. Vincent
St. Vincent

st. vincent | “regret”

because the last one blew up (rightfully so), here’s another one that really turns me on.

Dictaphone's Lament
Past is Prologue
As Far As I Can See
Eyelid Movies

phantogram | “as far as i can see”

still my favorite phantogram track.

Medley: It's All Right / For Sentimental Reasons
Sam Cooke
Live At The Harlem Square Club, 1963

sam cooke | “medley: it’s all right / for sentimental seasons”

sam cooke all day. what a man. what a voice. what a vision.

Toro Y Moi
Anything In Return

toro y moi | “studies”

ok, but this one..

Toro Y Moi
Anything In Return

toro y moi | “cake”

all of the tracks on this album are hot, but this one stood out to me as i was listening through again this afternoon.

philip glass / pantha du prince | “mad rush organ”

this is 13 minutes of amazeballs.

Grizzly Bear

grizzly bear | “gun-shy”

because this album is great & i can never listen to this band enough.

Modular Mix
Premiers Symptômes

air | “modular mix”

first track from their debut ep premiers symptômes. definitely still holds up after fifteen years.

See What She Seeing
Dirty Projectors
Swing Lo Magellan

dirty projectors | “see what she seeing”

after seeing them back in september, i’ve become a much bigger fan. somehow witnessing their live performance caused their whole creative essence to crystalize in my head. they just make sense to me now. dig.

Alt-J ∆
An Awesome Wave

alt-j ∆ | “fitzpleasure”

this song is dirty & the whole album is the tits.