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Watch the R&B singer Mali Music perform with unabashed positivity and an uplifting spirit at NPR’s Tiny Desk. 

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Watch the R&B singer Mali Music perform with unabashed positivity and an uplifting spirit at NPR’s Tiny Desk

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Please watch this.

British journalist Jon Snow sums up the crisis in Gaza in three minutes.

He explains what he saw and the reality of the situation.

worth watching.

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if youve never heard st. vincent and you’re not interested b/c youre pretty sure you know what she sounds like and you’re pretty sure you wouldn’t like it

a) shes a diety and she can change forms dont act like you know

and b) press play and hold onto your panties

she played this song so hard yesterday that she busted her face open. shes definitely more metal than you

but why did she have to postpone her columbus show?!
& not just by a little.. april -> october. the wait is agonizing.

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Look, I denounce deadly force on both sides, but it’s important to not frame this as a cycle of violence that is equal. One is the colonizer/oppressor. The other, the colonized/oppressed. As IDF General [??] said just yesterday on the show, there are two choices for Palestinians in occupied territories: to completely surrender, or resist. And resistance is what we’re seeing now.

I am sick of my Palestinian friends losing their friends and family ever time Israel goes on the offense against innocent people living in an open-air prison. So if demolishing homes, conducting mass arrests, and bombing civilians is “responsible,” I shudder to think how many people have to die in order to define irresponsibility.


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Abby Martin on RT News (link video)

you can hear the rage in her voice.
all of us should be enraged.

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OFFICIAL Series 8 Trailer!


just sitting here watching haim videos.

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Anon: But do you hate white people???

Me: Yes.

*throws a shovel at this video*

This was never meant to be racist I’m sorry!! It was in the heat of my friends and I in the moment


she just self promo’ed on her racist video

aside from this being extremely racist.. these simple bitches don’t know the difference between harriet tubman & rosa parks.

"this was never meant to be racist" is not a fucking apology.
"it was in the heat of the moment" is not a fucking apology.

try again.

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Crater Head | CRATER

My my my… this gem. Right now.

really dig the choreography.

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Yohji Yamamoto: The Poet of Black

"do beautiful things, while disappearing every day."

saltwatersound - ahhhhhh, wut! i thought this was going to be the one with moebius about the art/concepting but it’s everything. goddamn i love this film so much.

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ive watched this so many times

u know he hit the blunt right before he walked out like “just one hit no big deal” but he pulled TOO HARD


"it was her right"

"that’s like.. the pot calling the kettle sneaky."